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"Progress, not perfection! - Kassem Hanson

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Mike Ward

Hi! I'm Mike and fitness, nutrition, living a happy, fulfilling life and teaching others how to do the same is one of the things I am most passionate about! 

I help teenagers and young adults improve their confidence in themselves and develop healthy eating and exercise habits. 

I also help regular, everyday moms, dads, or any other adult who is serious about making positive changes to their health and body, but feels like they have tried every diet, every type of training or some combination and just can’t seem to get the results they want. It can be really frustrating and overwhelming with all of the information out there and I understand and empathize with you! But I also take great joy in demystifying and simplifying these things and showing you that you can do it. It’s just about putting all the right pieces in place, one step at a time consistently!


I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach. And as someone who loves learning, I am always studying something new, working on something to better my skills and knowledge so I can better serve my clients. I have taken many courses, attended many workshops, and been mentored by some of the best coaches from all over on topics such as: biomechanics and functional anatomy, individualizing nutrition and program design, behavioral change, etc. 

Me and a big mentor of mine - creator of N1 Education: Coach Kassem Hanson at the Program Design Practical, Longmont, CO 2019


Am I the right coach for you? 

This is an important question to answer as hiring just the right coach for you personally can help you achieve your goals much faster and more efficiently! So here are some things to know about my coaching services and philosophy: 

  • I provide personal training, nutrition and lifestyle habit coaching to those in New York's Capital Region area. I like to blend in person, face-to-face personal training sessions with additional coaching in exercise, nutrition and developing healthy lifestyle habits to give clients a well-rounded, comprehensive experience. This way clients not only receive the support and education they get from the training sessions, but also receive all the support in other areas that they need to be successful and achieve their goals throughout the rest of the time in between sessions. 

  • For in-person personal training sessions, I am currently training clients at Fitness Pro (formerly known as Fitness Coach) gym in West Sand Lake, NY. I am also happy to drive to a clients home to train them in person, provided they have some basic gym equipment. 

  • Every client to me is a unique individual. We all have different likes and dislikes, different injury history and/or structural limitations, levels of experience, goals, and needs. There will be no “cookie cutter” programs or coaching. Each client gets their own individualized program that is uniquely tailored to them from exercise, to nutrition, to the lifestyle habits we work on. 

  • Many trainers become coaches because they are passionate about training and being in peak physical condition. But as trainers, we have a responsibility to remember not to project our goals, values, wants and needs onto our clients. We may want to be super muscular and have a six-pack, but not everyone cares about accomplishing that. Someone might just want to feel better in their bathing suit when they go to the beach. Or maybe they just want to be healthy and fit so that they can have the energy to be there for their family, friends and perform at their best on a daily basis. 

  • I have clients do both resistance (weight) and cardiovascular (cardio) training. Using both resistance and cardiovascular training will help an individual achieve their physique goals much faster and more efficiently. Additionally, they both have important health benefits!


  • A health first, long-term approach is the best way to achieve your physique goals whether that be weight loss, building muscle, or a combination of the two. The trick is to slowly build healthy, sustainable habits day after day over a longer period of time until they become second nature. 


  • A client and a coach are a team. It should be and always will be a collaborative effort. Your input and feedback is important. This is not a one-way “do this because I said so” type of relationship. We will accomplish your goals the fastest, most efficiently by working together!

  • In your sessions with me, we will certainly train hard, but my goal isn't to have you leaving every session feeling smashed to pieces. And when it comes to exercise, more is not necessarily better. We tend to think sometimes that if some is good, then more must be better. But more is just more, not necessarily better. In fact, doing more can often actually be counterproductive and sometimes what we really need to do is rest and take an off day. We don't get the results we want (weight loss, muscle gain) by continually beating ourselves up in the gym day after day. Recovery is just as important as training. When one isn't balanced with the other, we get subpar results!


  • There is no one “best diet” for everyone. The best diet is one that someone can adhere to consistently and supports both that person's goals and the type of training they are doing. Having the mindset of focusing on eating to nourish (rather than taking away/depriving) and in a way that helps you perform at your best not only in your workouts, but in day-to-day life will yield great results!

  • Ultimately, as your coach I want to help you accomplish whatever goals you have. But more than that, I have one general big picture goal for myself for any client: to teach and empower you with the skills you need to eventually be able to go off on your own and maintain these goals you have accomplished for the rest of your life (i.e. keep the weight off for good!). If I don't do that, well then frankly I didn't do my job! 


"Information does not drive behavioral change."
- Dr Ben House

Mike Ward

Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle


Thank you for taking the time to check out my website! If you would like to setup a free consultation or would like further details about my coaching services, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail or give me a call at the address or number listed below!


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