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Mike Ward

Hi! I'm Mike and fitness, nutrition, living a happy, fulfilling life and teaching others how to do the same is one of the things I am most passionate about! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach.


I am someone who loves learning, so I am always studying something new, working on something to better my skills and knowledge so I can better serve my clients! I have taken courses in biomechanics and functional anatomy, individualizing nutrition and program design and I'm currently taking some other courses through N1 Education, MuscleNerds, and Dr Ben House. I have been incredibly fortunate and very blessed to attend workshops, taken courses, mentored with or coached by some amazing coaches over the years: Kassem Hanson, Adam Miller and the rest of the N1 crew, Bryce Bahm, Allen CressEugene Teo, Dr Dusten Nelson, Alex Kikel, and Ryan Miller. Each of these coaches in their own way has helped shape my philosophy and ideas when it comes to fitness & nutrition and I will be forever grateful and appreciative for everything they have taught me!

Me and a big mentor of mine - one of the creators of N1 Education: Coach Kassem Hanson at the Program Design Practical, Longmont, CO 2019


Am I the right coach for you? 

This is an important question to answer as hiring just the right coach for you personally can help you achieve your goals much faster and more efficiently! So here are some things to know about my coaching service and my philosophy: 

  • I provide one-on-one personal training, nutrition & lifestyle habit coaching to those in New York's General Capital Region area. I like to blend the typical, in person face-to-face personal training sessions with online coaching in exercise, nutrition and developing positive, healthy lifestyle habits to give clients a well-rounded, comprehensive experience that is flexible to fit their unique lifestyle. This way clients not only receive the training support and education they would get from in person face-to-face training sessions, but also get all the support in other areas that they need to be successful and achieve their goals throughout the rest of the time in between sessions. 

  • I enjoy working with a variety of different types of clients and whatever goals they may have: weight/fat-loss, muscle gain, improving strength or endurance for performance in sports, etc. However, I will say I especially enjoy working with people who have a goal of long-term weight/fat-loss and improving their overall health and fitness as well as teenagers and young adults who are just getting started on their fitness journey. With the abundance of information, diets, strategies, etc. that are so prevalent in the fitness industry today, it's easy to find yourself in a situation where you feel stuck, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and unsure of how or where to begin. It can be hard to get a handle on exactly what works, what doesn't, and most importantly, what is best for you as an individual. Also, many trainers become coaches because they are passionate about training and being in peak physical condition. I personally enjoy that just as much as anyone else! But as trainers, we have a responsibility to remember not to project our priorities, values, wants and needs onto our clients. We may want to be super muscular and have a six-pack, but not everyone cares about accomplishing that. Someone might just might want to feel better in their bathing suit when they go to the beach or pool. Or maybe they just want to be healthy and fit so that they can have the energy to be there for their family, friends and perform at their best on a daily basis. Whatever the goal may be, I take great pride in helping clients achieve the things that they want to and putting them on the path to becoming the best, most fit and healthy version of themselves that they can be!

  • For in-person personal training sessions, I am currently training clients at Fitness Pro (formerly known as Fitness Coach) gym in West Sand Lake, NY. Fitness Pro is a smaller, locally-owned, community gym that has been in the West Sand Lake, NY area for 25+ years. It features everything anyone would ever need to be successful: free weights, weight machines, and cardio equipment. Most importantly, it is a very friendly,  welcoming, and encouraging environment where everyone knows each other and feels like family! 

  • Every client to me is a unique individual and I treat them that way. Every client has different likes and dislikes, different injury history and/or structural limitations, levels of experience, goals, needs, etc. There will be no “cookie cutter” programs or coaching. Each client gets their own individualized program that is uniquely tailored to them from exercise, to nutrition, to the lifestyle habits we work on. 

  • Clients will do some combination of resistance training (weight training) and cardiovascular training (cardio). Using both resistance training and cardiovascular training will help an individual achieve their physique, weight loss, or whatever goal they may have much faster and more efficiently. Not only that, but more importantly, they both have important health benefits!


  • A health first, long-term view/approach and slowly building good habits over time is the best way to achieve your physique goals whether that be weight loss, building muscle, some combination, etc. Someone who is consistently in great shape did not achieve that in a few weeks by going on a short-term diet or doing a short-term high intensity exercise program. They did it by slowly building good, healthy, sustainable habits, day after day over a longer period of time until they became second nature. 


  • There is more to losing weight/getting fit/gaining muscle than the popular notion of “calories in/calories out”. Unfortunately, humans are not just a simple in/out equation no matter what the popular publications and social media outlets may tell you. Our physiology is much more complex than that. Is the number of calories we eat vs. burn important? Absolutely! There is no disputing the fact that it's a huge piece of the puzzle. If someone wants to lose weight for example, being in a calorie deficit is pretty darn important. But if we only focus on that, we are missing other important pieces to the puzzle that can have a significant impact on the results we get. We need to broaden our scope and take a bigger picture view of things. It's easy to fall into the trap of being so narrowly focused on worrying about how much we are eating and how much we are exercising and miss the fact there are other things such as: the quality of the food we eat, the quality of exercise we do, our sleep habits, our digestive health, how we manage stress and other lifestyle factors that all play an important part in the bigger picture of being healthy, fit and accomplishing our goals. In other words how “healthy” we are on the inside very much will play a large role in how we look on the outside and how fast we achieve our goals. Let’s work smarter, not just harder! Ultimately, for many who want to lose weight, it’s NOT let’s lose fat to get healthy, but instead let’s focus on being healthy so that we can then have an easier time losing fat/weight and most importantly keep it off long term! 


  • A client and a coach are a team. It should be and always will be a collaborative effort. Your input and feedback is important (likes, dislikes, what you think a good “next” step would be, etc.) This is not a one-way “do this because I said so” type of relationship. We will accomplish your goals the fastest, most efficiently by working together! Also, I am not a drill sergeant. I will not yell and scream at you during workouts. We will certainly train hard, but my goal isn't to have you leaving every session feeling smashed to pieces. While some may find that "cool", that is more often then not counterproductive. But will I encourage and get on you to push a little harder if I think you have some more to give me or some more “left in the tank”? You bet! 


  • Training or exercise programs need to be specific and periodized, meaning breaking your training into blocks of time of focusing on one specific goal, then another, etc. Doing the same program for months and months on end or a program that is non-specific and tries to accomplish too many things at once, is not the most efficient way of accomplishing any goal and can often leave you feeling like you are "spinning your wheels". Also, when it comes to exercise, "more" is not necessarily better. We humans tend to think sometimes that, well if some is good, then more must be better, right? But more is just more, not necessarily better. In fact, doing more can often actually be counterproductive and sometimes what we really need to do is rest and take an off day. We don't get the "adaptations" we want (i.e. fat loss, losing weight, muscle gain etc.) by continually beating ourselves up in the gym day after day. Recovery is just as important as training. They are two sides of the same coin. When one isn't balanced with the other, we get subpar results!


  • There is no one “best diet” for everyone. The best diet is the one that fits the person and their lifestyle, their goals, and supports the type of training or exercise program they are doing at the current time. Also, all of the macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) are important to your health and wellbeing! Carbs are not evil, nor is fat! Having the mindset of focusing on eating to nourish (rather than taking away/depriving) and in a way that helps you perform at your best not only in your workouts, but in day-to-day life will yield much better results!

  • Learning and using proper exercise execution (form) is extremely important not only for safety reasons but for keeping the tension and load (weight) where we want it (on your muscles) so we can get you to your goal as efficiently as possible. The quality of each rep is extremely important! Let's do MORE with LESS! 

  • Ultimately, as your coach of course I want to help you accomplish whatever physique goals you have. That's a given. But more than that, I have one general big picture goal for myself for any client: to teach and empower you with the skills you need to eventually be able to go off on your own and maintain these goals you have accomplished for the rest of your life (i.e. if weight loss is the goal, keep the weight off for good!). If I don't do that, well then frankly I didn't do my job! 


"Information does not drive behavioral change."
- Dr Ben House

Mike Ward

Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle


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